Faculty of Management and Iran Games Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding

In pursue of establishing a close connection to industry, and considering the importance of digital games industries as a wealth-generating sector of media industry, the faculty of management signed a memorandum of understanding with the Iran Computer Games Foundation, the highest authority of policy-making for the computer games in the country.
The main articles of this MoU are as the followings:

  •  Launch of a Hackathon of Managerial Computer Games;
  • Conducting a series of researches in the field as theses and dissertations;
  • Establishing a room for computer games in the faculty, as a center for communication of the faculty and the sector;
  • common events, such as conferences and events in the related subjects;
  • Launch of Digital Games Debate; (The first session has been conducted before, can be seen here);
  • Launch of attractive student events in the context of computer games;
  • and other related cooperation

This cooperation sounds a new road for the faculty to expand its scope of activities to such as modern and exciting industries. This MoU is the product of some test activities before and now two sides are confident about the common goal and the desired outputs.

Some photos of the ceremony of signing this MoU agreement can be seen below: