Renovated Business Innovation Center officially started to work

At 12:30 in Sunday 17 November, the openning ceremony of renovated building of the faculty was officially held. in this ceremony, Dr. Soorena Satari, the vice presidency of Science and Technology accompanying with Dr. Nili Ahmadabadi, rector of the University of Tehran visited the new equipments, and places in this building, that from today will be called Business Innovation Center.

This building that is located in the southwestern side of the faculty provides four grounds. in the basement, Sarir accelerator serves student startups and new ventures. in the ground floor there are internet sites and innovation workshops.the first floor allocated to a big saloon of 450 people for feasts, events and ceremonies. the second floor is equiped to serve co-working space, UX/UI lab, Eye tracking room, Digital games room, focus group room, conference room, and the office of industry relations.